The Oxford Handbook of Human Development and Culture


An in-depth and comprehensive synopsis of theory and research on development across the life course, with every chapter drawing together findings from cultures around the world. Chapters are written by an international group of experts who represent disciplines such as anthropology, education, human development, family studies, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. The forty plus chapters are in step with the cultural and global realities of human development in the 21st century.

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‘Lene Arnett Jensen has achieved the seemingly impossible – this handbook covers many cultures, all periods of the lifespan, and basically all major developmental tasks. And yet, in spite of the multitude of viewpoints represented, through careful editing she has accomplished harmony in diversity by providing a stimulating new ‘cultural-developmental approach’ informative for all topics. … The Handbook will help to form the coming generation of scientists with new theories and evidence on human development necessary for our globalized world.’
Rainer K. Silbereisen, PhD, Research Professor and Director, Center for Applied Developmental Science (CADS), University of Jena, Germany, and Editor,International Journal of Psychology

‘Lene Arnett Jensen’s introduction provides a characteristically insightful foretaste of the complexities to be addressed. The chapter authors have published some of the finest scholarship in the field and are based in an impressively diverse range of societies around the world.’
Robert Serpell, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Zambia

‘Lene Jensen has assembled a team of world-leading researchers who explore the nature of human development from an unusually broad and integrative set of perspectives. The book forcefully makes clear that a rich understanding of human development needs to consider the diverse array of conditions within which people are raised.’
Steven J. Heine, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of British Columbia

‘This Handbook can be considered a landmark in the history of the discipline. … A noteworthy feature is the presentation of both culture-inclusive and interdisciplinary perspectives. The volume will be useful to scholars and students from several social science disciplines.’
T.S. Saraswathi, PhD, retired Senior Professor in Human Development and Family Studies, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India

‘This interesting book covers the intersection of culture and human development throughout the lifespan. It is a great resource for researchers and clinicians alike.’

‘For a state-of-the-art overview of human development in its universal and culturally specific forms, one needs to look no further than The Oxford Handbook of Human Development and Culture.’