The Oxford Handbook of Moral Development

The nature of people’s moral lives, the similarities and differences in the moral concepts of individuals and groups, and how these concepts emerge in the course of human development are topics of perennial interest. In recent years, the field of moral development has turned from a focus on a limited set of theories to a refreshing array of research questions and methods. This handbook offers a comprehensive, international, and up-to-date review of this research on moral development.

Drawing together the work of over 90 authors, hailing from diverse disciplines such as anthropology, education, human development, psychology, and sociology, the handbook reflects the dynamic nature of the field. Across more than 40 chapters, this handbook opens the door to a broad view of moral motives and behaviors, ontogeny and developmental pathways, and contexts that children, adolescents, and adults experience with respect to morality.

Table of Contents
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